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Man with a van
Cargo Taxi Rates

How is the customer charged?
Local Moves = Moving/labor time + Packing Supplies
Long Distance (up to 50 miles) = Moving time + Packing Supplies + fuel + tolls

Van and 1 Driver/Mover $80 for the first hour + $45 for every additional hour

Van and 2 Movers $100 for the first hour + $70 for every addtitional hour
Truck and 1 Driver/Mover $120 for the first hour + $60 for every additional hour

Truck and 2 Movers $160 for the first hour + $80 for every addtitional hour ***
Additional Men: $30 per hour / Additional Truck: $30 per hour

Average Costs:
Studio - $200
1 Bedroom - $500
2 Bedroom - $700
House - $1100

Cargo Van Long Distance Daily Trips:
NY - Washington DC: $600
NY - Philadelphia: $420
NY - Boston: $550

There are two options with regards to the service costs.

The main option is to pay for services based on hourly moving rates for which we would be happy to provide you with a moving estimate. The alternative is to ask for a moving quote, otherwise known as a "flat rate". A quote often serves well in providing peace of mind since you know in advance what your move will cost. They are often required when a move is being subsidized by the government or by an employer. However, when movers quote a job, they take into account several factors. These include the cost of visiting the client to conduct a thorough inventory of all items to be moved and taking into consideration any possible delays or unexpected circumstances that could arise during the move. For this reason, quoted rates will generally be set 15-25% higher than the estimated cost of moves.

The relocation of oversized items such as pianos and large-screen televisions will usually be subject to surcharges, especially where stairs are involved.

Sometimes the contents of the home must be stored in the truck overnight. This occurs in cases where the closing contracts on a new home are delayed or often in long distance relocations where the crew loads the truck one day and can't unload at the new location until the following day. In such cases, an overnight storage fee of $100 will be charged. Payment for services rendered is usually requested in the form of cash. Exceptions to this rule include quoted jobs being billed to government departments or contracted / ongoing services provided to corporate clients.

Expect that the crew may stop for the occasional short break. After all, they are only human. Should the crew break for any extended period (ie. for lunch or dinner), this time will be deducted from the customers bill.

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Truck and Cargo Van Rental

Cargo Taxi - Rent Driver with a Van or a Truck
For reservation please call (212) 444-8091

Need to rent a cargo van or a truck for a few of hours or a full day?
Save your time and money with New York Cargo Taxi truck rental service! Our Driver with Van will meet you at the pick up point anywhere in New York Tri State area : Manhattan (NYC), Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut and help you to load/unload your cargo at the destination. No hidden FEES and remember that you will get van with our professional driver.

Rental Time

Rental Vehicle FIRST HOUR 2 HOURS 3 HOURS 4 HOURS 5 HOURS 6 HOURS 7 HOURS 8 HOURS over 8 hours
12 ft CARGO VAN $60 $88 $116 $144 $165 $190 $215 $240 $28 per hour
16 ft SPRINTER $70 $102 $134 $161 $190 $220 $250 $280 $32 per hour
22 ft BOX TRUCK $90 $134 $176 $210 $250 $290 $320 $350 $44 per hour
Included: van, equipment, unlimited mileage, insurance and driver. Additional helpers available for $20 per hour per man. Truck rental prices may vary according to the nature of your relocation, the distance you are planning on covering and time of the year.

Average Truck rental price (you drive + helper $10 per hour)

Price includes: 50 miles, $20 of rental equipment and helper $10 per hour
(most of the truck rental companies offers only full day rent)
Rental Vehicle 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours 7 hours 8 hours
over 8 hours
12 ft CARGO VAN $100








$10 per hour

22 ft BOX TRUCK $155








$10 per hour

Before you rent a truck or a van check
Violation Codes, Fines, Rules & Regulations and
New York Traffic Ticket Fines and Costs

Compare Truck Rental and Cargo Taxi Services

Service Comparison

New York Cargo Taxi

Regular Truck Rental Services

Delivery rental truck to your pick up point our driver will meet you at the pick up location you must pick up rental vehicle youself
Unlimited Mileage we offer unlimited mileage $0.35 cent per mile
Parking and Traffic Ticket Responsibility our driver responsible for all parking and traffic tickets you must know how to drive your rented van or truck (avoid parkways, use commercial route, etc.)
Additional Equipment our vans equipped with dollies, hand truck, boxes, blankets... you must rent additional equipment
Fuel Refill our driver will refill gas tank refill before returning the van
Rental argeement you will need to sign our agreement on pick up and destination locations you must have credit card, driver's license and return vehicle by the end of the day or next day morning
Also check the van for damages etc. All procedure takes about 1 hour and you can not leave truck on the street overnight
Insurance no extra charge for the insurance additional charge
Vehicle Condition great condition guranteed check yourself

New York Cargo Taxi unique Truck Rental Service will save you time and "take a burden off your shoulders"!

No additional charges for rental within New York area: NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. For rates and availability please call us 7 days a week at (718) 473-0734.
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