Packing is only a problem if you make it one. Donít take the troubles with you. One of the most tedious tasks when it comes to moving is the dreaded packing. With so much else to do and worry about, packing unfortunately adds to the stress. You never realize how much stuff you actually have, until you start to pack. The Cargo Taxi, therefore, offers several fine packing services that best suite your needs. Unlike most companies that only have the options of complete charge for all of your packing or no help whatsoever, Cargo Taxi has experts that can help you with any aspect of your packing (i.e. fragile items), and will only charge for that particular service. Our professionalís are trained at packing your items efficiently, and safely. We offer complete insurance for the materials we pack and organize them adequately, so you can find what youíre looking for when you need itÖ when the time comes to unpack. Specialized items, such as fragile items and antiques are loaded in our specially equipped trucks to insure safe and secure transport to your new location.

Before packing, you should consult our professionals about what material youíll need to begin the packing. This will help limit the expenses that accumulate due to packing. Even if you plan to pack yourself, The Cargo Taxi offers all the supplies youíll need and we have a few recommendations to ease the process:
1.Make sure all loose belongings are boxed.
2.Make sure the boxes you use are clean, sturdy, and close.
(You can get used boxes from local stores or order, great new ones at an affordable price from us.)
3.Begin packing 2-4 weeks in advance before the scheduled moving date.
4.Heavy items should be packed in small boxes, and lighter items in large boxes.
5.Items should be packed tightly to prevent sliding, which can cause damage to the items.
6.Tape both top and bottom of the boxes.

We encourage you to contact us if there are any questions concerning our services and/or products that we offer. We offer free estimates and advice to all our customers.
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